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1. What is it

Rebar Test is an application for iPad published on App Store

The goal of the application is the verification of compliance of the test results of reinforced bars used in structural works.

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3. To whom it may be useful

- The Constructor. Tests in preliminary assessment of the resistance in order to obtain the performance required by the project; controls during construction.

- The Director of Works. Acceptance tests during construction and on ultimated structure. The checks may be usefully attached to the building report.

- The Quality Controller. The checks may be usefully attached to the certificate of inspection.

- The manufacturer and / or supplier of rebars. Production control.

- The laboratory Technicians. Information service to the Constructor; database on the quality of the rebar fo concrete.

- The Bodies of quality monitoring of construction. Controls during construction and utimated structure.

- The Researchers. The use in teaching or research allows further issues concerning monitoring of the quality of construction.

4. Contents

4.1 Controls of the rebar samples. Number of samples: 1 to 12 for each test;

4.2 Tests database, persistant data;

4.3 User's guide. Symbols, Procedure, Formulas;

4.4 Customization of the defaults parameters and Standards;

4.5 Languages: Italian, French, English, Spanish.

5. Standards References

The application allows to carry out the tests in accordance with National and International Standards.

The regulations and the limits of the test results can be entered in the "Customization".

As an example, we have entered the European standards frequently used.

• EU, CEN European Committee for Standardization :

- Eurocode 2, B500 C;

- Eurocode 2, B500 B;

- Eurocode 2, B500 A;

- Eurocode 2, B450 C;

- Eurocode 2, B450 B;

- Eurocode 2, B450 A;

• UK, BSI British Standards Institution :

- BS 4449:2005, B500 C;

- BS 4449:2005, B500 B;

- BS 4449:2005, B500 A;

• FR, AFNOR Association Française de Normalisation :

- NF A35-080-01, B500 C;

- NF A35-080-01, B500 B;

- NF A35-080-01, B500 A;

• DE, DIN Deutsche Institut für Normung e. V. :

- DIN EN 1992-1-1, B500 B

- DIN EN 1992-1-1, B500 A

• IT, Norme tecniche per le costruzioni, NTC 2008:

- NTC:2008, B450 C;

- NTC:2008, B450 A;

• ES, AENOR Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación :

- UNE B500 SD

- UNE B400 SD

6. News

11/09/2015 - Version 1.02 is available on the Apple Store.

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7. Contacs

For information please contact us by e-mail at the following address:


8. Privacy Policy

The application complies with privacy laws and the contractual arrangements with the company Apple, the software distributor.

To know more:

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